Will Your Insurance Company Be Able to Pay if You Need Them To?

Will Your Insurance Company Be Able to Pay if You Need Them To?

When you purchase an insurance policy, how much time do you put into thinking about the financial stability of that company?

In other words, do you think at all about whether they will be able to pay your claim in the future, if needed?

I discuss just that point, and what you need to do, in this video.

Will Your Insurance Company Be Able to Pay if You Need Them To?

Will Your Insurance Company Be Able to Pay Checklist – 80/20 Planning

Go get the latest financial report and analyze the financial position of the insurance company. Analyze the balance sheet (equity to assets) and the operating statement (income and expenses).

Furthermore, look at the overall portfolio of the insurance company’s general account. Basically, what backs your policy? Government bonds or junk bonds?

How about the history of your company? Have they ever been in financial trouble? Have they ever had to raise rates on policyowners?

This list of questions is not exhaustive. But the truth is, few have made it this far in their research. Most just trust the company (or worse, the agent).

It’s time to be smarter than that.

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