Jim Rogers – On Investing, Economics, Obama, Taxes, Oil, Etc!

On his latest Bloomberg interview, Jim Rogers discusses:

Investment ideas – “yen,” “the fundamentals of commodities are unimpaired,” “we may be facing a world where people can not get food at any price,” “China,” “Taiwan,” “Bonds…US will default on its debt next year”

Economics – “Oil…down 25% in a week is usually a selling climax…I bought it”

Politics – “Two of Obama’s campaign promises…taxing capital (tax something that we’re short of)…protectionism (protectionism caused the great depression)…I would plead him not to do”

Taxes – “in most of the best economies savings and investments is not taxed…they really tax you in America…other countries…encourage you to save and invest”

This was a wealth of good information – play the interview HERE. Enjoy!

Chris Grande