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I have recently completely revamped my approach to this site. Since 2009 this blog has been my rant destination. I didn’t care who read it and if you liked it great, if not great. But things have changed.

What is My Overall Goal for this Site?

My personal goal is:

” to help other people win through their association with me.”

I have been enamored with the concept of 80/20 since I read the book Living the 80/20 Way by Richard Koch. So I decided I want this blog to be an extension of my consulting work focusing on 80/20!

I want you to use 80/20 Success Tools  to live better, happier, longer. For me, I had always thought of 80/20 in terms of common economic debates (20% of people pay 80% of the taxes, 20% people o 80% of the work, etc – which are all mostly true too).

But 80/20 applies to every area of your life. And if you think hard enough, you can achieve massive improvement in your QOL (Quality of Life) by following 80/20 principles. Check out the book and the tools I use if you run a business.

Note some of the links above are affiliate links meaning I get a few cents if you for example, buy the book from Amazon.

What Do I Do for Work?

I am a comprehensive financial planner and have a financial planning firm called Walnut Hill Advisors, LLC based in Belmont, MA where I focus on congruence – I have found that if a person’s values are not congruent with their money, they will not achieve happiness. If you’d like to learn more about my business life, go to my company site’s “About” Page HERE. 

My Community Involvement

Around my hometown, I serve on the Medford Council on Aging Board of Directors, and am an advisor to  the Watertown Charitable Council, Inc.

Does Chris Grande Ever Leave Medford (the center of the universe)?

Chris Grande in San Francisco

Telegraph Hill SF

Do teens hate it when their parents friend them on Facebook? Yes I leave Medford (actually my office is now in Belmont, MA) ! I am on the west coast (Marin County, just outside of San Francisco specifically) a few months each year where I have established a presence and work with some clients and look to work with more great bay area people.  I take occasional trips throughout New England to visit clients and also to Florida on occasion.

Let’s Stay in Touch

If you’re the kind of person that likes getting ideas on improving your net worth, on helping you make smarter choices with your money and on understanding the world of finance and economics better, then lets stay in touch. One way to do this is my Youtube channel here: Chris’ YOUTUBE.

 Or If you’d like to contact me, or use my contact form HERE.

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Chris Grande, MSIM, CFP®, RMA®

Belmont, MA