Some financial “advisors” just toss your money into target funds and collect 1%. And provide no actual planning advice.

To work with a fiduciary like Chris means serious, comprehensive financial planning and strategy. For clients who really don’t want to worry about any of this stuff on a day to day basis.

Work with a Fiduciary vs a Salesperson

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are a fiduciary. We must treat your money with the utmost care. Many people claim to be financial advisors. But are technically salespeople. The advice they give is incidental to the sale.

work with a financial planner fiduciary

The court of chancery, which governed fiduciary relations in England prior to the Judicature Acts – Source: Wikipedia

Check the licensing of the advisor you are considering. For example, do they only have a Series 7 stock broker license? Then they are a licensed salesperson. Insurance licenses work the same. Salesperson first.

Your financial advisor is not a Registered Investment Advisor or a licensed insurance advisor? They are more likely a salesperson.

Do you want to work with a fiduciary financial planner? You want to look for such licenses/designations:

  • Registered Investment Advisor (state or SEC registration both ok – my firm is registered in Massachusetts and my main office is in Belmont, MA)
  • Licensed insurance advisor
  • CFP – many CFP’s work on commission too but their certification requires the higher standard of care.
  • Other designations. Other designations besides the CFP require a higher standard of care

Ask for an advisor’s Form ADV2 “brochure.” If they have one, they’re an RIA. And you know they’re a fiduciary.

What Are you Looking For?

Are looking for this kind of financial advisory relationship? Then we might be a good fit.  Before contacting me please read the short description of who I typically serve and how I work. Find those answers here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you are still at the “is working with an advisor better for me or should I do it myself” stage, try this handy

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Free 5 question quiz that I created. Should you work with an advisor at all? Click to find out.

free 5 question scoring quiz I put together and find out if you are a:

  • Do-it-yourselfer
  • Collaborator
  • 80/20 delegator

Work with a Fiduciary Financial Planner. Take Positive Action!

Do you think there’s a possibility we could work well together? Would you like to check out what it’s like to work with a fiduciary financial planner?  Then feel free to get in touch. Lets see if we’re a good fit.

Best bet is to talk for a few minutes. If that call goes well, we talk more. Then we meet. We can meet virtually. Or we can meet in person. But before we get there, let’s chat!.

To schedule a time with me (or my team):

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Work with a fiduciary financial planner, work with Chris! Meet Chris, his wife Sophia, and children Christian and Kimiko. Located in Belmont, MA

Working with a financial planner, work with Chris! Meet Chris, his wife Sophia, and children Christian and Kimiko.