Collectible Coins

During my routine visit to the bullion dealer in May, I noticed something unusual. The price for collectible gold coins was about the same as the price for standard bullion. It got me thinking that perhaps gold might bounce around or even down another 100-200, but collectible coins perhaps have found a floor. An article today in one of the web’s more popular investment newsletters reminded me of this. I was curious back in May and wondered why the price of the collectibles

I asked Peter at North Shore Numismatics in Wakefield for the scoop. He said the collectors prefer those collectible coins for their numismatic value and therefore were holding prices up. For example, a ~1/4 ounce coin which at the time had a meltdown value of ~$350, was selling for $440 firm. Both the collectible and non-collectible coins were selling for roughly the same amount.

This means that if gold were to rise, even slowly, the collectible coin may have more room to run. Here’s a chart from DailyWealth to consider:

Source: Daily Wealth













If you save with precious metals, it may make sense to diversify into these types of coins vs the typical bullion. Of course, I won’t advise you either way, just something to think about for your money. Consult an experienced coin expert if you want more information on collectibles (a weak area for me personally). And consult an advisor to see whether or not gold is a good fit for your financial plan.