Private Option Health Care Act – HR5444


For those of you that actually think the government can afford to give everyone unlimited health care so that Americans can lead horrible lifestyles and waste trillions in unnecessary health care, you can stop reading here.

For those of you that know we are pulling a Greece, that the added STRUCTURAL deficit added by the health care bill is unsustainable, and those who want to CONTROL their own care needs, Ron Paul introduced HR 5444 – “The Private Option Health Care Act”

It offers among other things:

100% tax credit for costs of health insurance

Enforcement of the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution allowing everyone to purchase insurance out of state

elimination of the 7.5% health cost threshold for deductions on schedule A (itemized deductions) – this would help MANY people – I know from my planning work and questions from countless people, especially retirees.

Read more here and if you like the idea, consider contacting your Rep!