Is Paying for Education Worth It?

Paying for Education Worth It In Early Childhood Education? In College?

A recent client conversation made me ask if paying for education was truly worth it. Because her son had similar personality traits to mine, I wanted to know the reasoning behind her education choices.

He was quiet, and reserved. But intelligent and curious. So she chose the small private school route with a “progressive education” style. That means (to me) no lined desks and “data download” style teaching.

Here’s more on the topic:

I am exploring the same for my son. I want an 80/20Education for him. Furthermore, I don’t want 80% of his time (and our $$) wasted and have only 20% of his learning experience to be impactful. To make sure it’s the other way around will require more thought and insight.

What Did You Decide to Do? Was paying for Education Worth it for your kids?

I am curious, what did you/are you doing in this decision for your family? What do you think? Comment below I’d be interested in doing follow up conversations on this topic.

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