Joe DiMeo Music Man – Interview

Here’s my interview with Joe DiMeo Music Man:

Joe DiMeo Music Man Live

After many attempts I was able to sneak up to Methuen MA to catch Joe DiMeo Music Man perform live at Jules by the Water.

Joe is a good friend of mine and had asked me on numerous occasions to catch his show. But with 2 young kids and lack of sleep, it hadn’t been easy. A window opened up last August with the family in California for a few more weeks.

I snuck away to catch some music.Joe DiMeo Music Man

An Interview Pops Up


While there, and filming a few songs, I thought, “why not an interview?” So I decided on a short 3 question set style where I am not talking. Only the answers are played. So viewers get to see Joe and get some good bio and music in 2 minutes.

If I had asked a bunch of questions and dragged this out it probably would’ve gone 5 minutes plus!

The Venue – Jules by the Water

Jo DiMeo Music man Jules by the water

Jules by the Water is a very nice location, especially in the summer.Located on the Merrimack River, diners get  a great view. And in the summer, the deck doors are open and it becomes an open, airy place to relax.

Joe plays here frequently so if you have a chance, catch his next show. He also plays in other venues so the best thing would be to connect with Joe. Go to his Realty site and contact him there!

80/20 Living

Joe shows how someone who is super busy still finds time for what’s important. To him, music is one thing he just loves to do. 8 Years ago he decided to stop putting off his passion and started playing again (FYI: Joe was playing the local circuit pretty big when he was ~20 years old).

Interestingly, it was Joe who introduced me to one of my 80/20 tools, Base CRM. Joe is a big fan of finding great technology to help entrepreneurs. Thanks for that recommendation Joe!

And thanks for reading/watching.

Chris Grande