Saving Money on Food Could Possibly Save Your Life

Some of my readers know that I eat typically a non-animal product diet. Not for any religious or ethical reason, but for better health. A nice side-effect is that my overall food costs are much lower than they are for someone eating a typical Western diet. Plus I avoid all the cholesterol and junk that comes with a diet heavy in meat and dairy. For more on this idea, read the latest newsletter by Dr. John McDougall here:

McDougall Article 

He discusses how eating this way dramatically cuts your cost per calorie, especially in this time of high food inflation (see how I mix economics with my strange eating habits?:)

I find especially amusing how Dr. McDougall  points out that the developing world desires to eat more like Westerners and this is helping increase the cost of food for us all. I guess they can’t wait to have our heart disease and cancer rates too! (severe sarcasm here)


Chris Grande