Dr McDougall Bodyslams Low Carb Diets

Dr. John McDougall, noted physician and vegan advocate, addresses low carb diets, his influences in his career, the history of carb-based eating and its healing effects (e.g. Rice Diet), and some answers to audience questions on hot topical items regarding nutrition:


Many would do well to listen to him. I eat mainly a vegan diet (once a month I would eat something non-vegan. for disclosure purposes, my main culprit would be some kind of beef) but have been a bit inactive and eating too much junk food lately.

So I decided 2.5 weeks ago to go strict on the McDougall program to lose extra weight and boost health, then go to a normal vegan program once I’ve hit my goals. Strict means avoiding some of the high calorie (high fat) vegan foods that many people enjoy such as avocado, nuts, and excessive sweets. it’s going very well. And with Ash Wednesday tomorrow, I can further offer my discipline as my Lenten offering (then I have to keep the strict part going!).

When I hit my goals, I will go back to reasonable amounts of cocoa, avocado (guacamole!) and vegan pizza. For now, rice, fruits and veggies, potatoes, yams, noodles and soups will be my main assortment.

Want to feel great and get healthy? And lose weight as a ‘side effect? Join me. Go to Dr McDougall’s site (tons of free info – videos, newsletters, recipes etc) and get started on your plan (talk to your doctor too please – I don’t know your medical history!).