How Was Your Christmas?

For those of you that aren’t paying attention, the day after Christmas in my town of Medford, MA looked like this:

Snow in Medford

With that bit of info out of the way, how was your Christmas? Care to share any special stories?

For me, it was great to be together with my family and to share gifts with my niece, nephew, my other Godchild, and her brother.

As I mentioned a few other times in tweets and articles, I like giving silver coins to the kids because it’s something that will last and might teach them the value of investing and also serve as a lesson in the folly of fiat currencies (perhaps they’re too young for that!).

I am constantly reminded, when I see the kids, of how my grandfather got me started in investing by starting me off with a mutual fund account when I was 14 and by gifting me a share of Exxon from his DRIP plan.

This is what I got my nephew: Dinosaur Coin as an example. I got my niece a 1994 World Cup commemorative silver dollar, and I got my other Godchild’s brother an Olympic Baseball commemorative silver dollar from 1992. I try to get coins that match something the kids like.

Oh and I got my 2nd Godchild (first is my niece, second is my friends’ daughter) a gift share from a stock I own in a DRIP plan – the cool thing about these is that gifts can be added by me or others on birthdays, Christmas, or whenever.

I am hoping, that like me with my grandfather, the kids will appreciate investment-related gifts when they’re older. teaching lessons about saving and investing, when everyone else is giving them toys can’t be such a bad thing right?

Do share your stories if you like – I’d enjoy hearing them! Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that your new year is full of blessings!


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*nothing in this article should be construed as investment advice. Consult an advisor before making any financial decision. (it still amazes me that I need to disclose that).