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Catch Up with Chris in Marin – see full description and related links below!

I recently restarted my update videos. I enjoyed doing this in the past for clients and friends. now I want to get back to that.

In this video I discuss a couple of items then summarize some of our fun activities…

The 20 Year Old Entrepreneur is a Lie

This MIT study shows that the average entrepreneur is 42:

I discuss the implications of that. Including a discussion on having a personal VC fund.

The Rich Plan on Living to 100

A Bloomberg article highlighted all the snazzy things rich people are doing so they don’t die too soon:

What are the implications of living to 100 disability free and mostly healthy? I lay out a few…

Other Links Mentioned in my Update:

Importance of financial cushion:

Financial Cushion Gives You Confidence and Options

Rich Plan to live to 100 (from the PlanwithChris blog):

Pikaichi Ramen in Medford, MA

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