Hello Kitty Everywhere: Kittychan Hits the Collectible Coin Circuit Again

From Downies Online:

Hello Kitty (“HK”) pops in everywhere especially around JapanTown, where I was today in San Francisco. The company that owns the licensing rights to HK, Sanrio, must be printing money.

“Kittychan” has made its way again on to collectible coins. Specifically for the Japanese market. This follows up a 2005 issue for the Euro market:

photo taken from http://www.ma-shops.com/poetz/

My take on collectible coins:

People usually ask me, when the conversation comes up about owning gold and silver, whether they should consider collectible coins or just get the bullion  – e.g. gold and silver American Eagle coins issued by the US Mint.

For me personally, I buy collectible coins that I enjoy – I enjoy the design, the meaning, or the history. For example, I decorate my office with the Lincoln Silver Dollar from last year, the Louis Braille Silver proof from last year and other coins that I find interesting. I don’t buy historic collectibles mainly because I don’t understand the collectibles market and would probably buy something dumb. The coins I own cost $50 or less typically.

If you don’t understand the market, but want to, launch an education effort for yourself. If you want to buy collectible coins to “make some money,” don’t bother – you’ll likely end up a loser as some of the people who’ve come to my office in the past couple of years have.

What makes a coin worth something? It can be the strangest thing – for example, in 1995, the US Mint produced a limited number of Silver Eagle proofs with the West Point Mint ‘W” on them, as part of a gold/silver set. That particular coin has sold for more than $4,600 according to coin collector/dealer Larry Schutts in this ARTICLE. But only the most astute follower would notice this at the time which is why I say, collect if you enjoy it, but if you’re trying to invest on purpose to make money, you will likely have to become much more knowledgeable and attentive than you are now.


Helpful collector site:

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Downies (good for foreign coins)

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