Fitness & Nutrition Plan Progressing Nicely

I reported a couple of weeks back that I had become fed up with my poor eating and chose to go strictly vegan.

How’s it been going?

Quite well actually. Chalk up now about 6 weeks of eating vegan – and not nasty vegan (some people go vegan and eat foods heavily laden with oils to “make up for” lost flavor) which tends to make people fatter in my anecdotal experience. I’ve followed a starch based diet, which is typical of many trim populations worldwide. I’ve based my meals around oats and other grains, quinoa, spelt, kamut, rice and noodles. Noodles are my favorite.

I’m eating a good portion of fruit and eating a good share of vegetables. What I am not doing is ADDING oil to my meals (not even any “good” oils). I like Dr John McDougall’s statement – “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.” I have put some sugar in iced tea but haven’t significant added sugar to my foods either.

We’ve cooked at home for every meal – soups, wraps, rice dishes, pizza, salads and other stuff I can’t even think of right now.  It’s been 1. quite fun, 2. a huge savings over dining out, 3. quite healthy as we pick the organic ingredients we use. Some people may go over the top with organic, but even so, I am certainly not feeding my son the junk that some of these well-known companies put out and call “food.”

Lastly, I have found the “7 Minute Workout” and the many off-takes of it to be a tremendous boost to fitness for various reasons. 1. it is a decent workout. 2. you can bang it out in 7 minutes and 3. just by doing this frequently (3xs week?) you keep positive and forward moving and therefore more motivated to turn down bad foods. It’s also enough fitness, if couple with regular daily exercise like stretching and walking, to keep the average person in good shape.

I hope the above helps motivate some of you (or all of you) to hit your physical goals. Feel free to drop a comment on what you’re doing. And remember, this post is not meant to be advice specifically for you, since I don’t know you or your health history. Check anything you do with your doctor and professional trainer. Then MAKE IT HAPPEN!