Moo Cards – A Company on the Offense

I have often spoken about making things happen in difficult times before in previous articles such as You’re Supposed to Go For It!,  Going on the offense and Making it Happen (and a part 2).

When I have, I discussed people and companies that were making it happen such as Biotech Entrepreneur Davide Marini and quadriplegic Patrick Henry Hughes . I discussed the kind of thinking that was necessary to make it happen. And just because the overall economy was slow, didn’t mean YOU have to be.

With these thoughts in mind, today I’d like to feature on company that has super impressed me recently.  That company is Moo Cards. Why Moo Cards?

First off, let’s discuss all the reasons why Moo Cards should not be doing well:

1. They’re in a boring no growth industry: they sell business cards, postcards, and such. How many people do that? Just about everybody!

2. They sell online and it’s tough to get your name out on the internet: the barrier to entry on the net is so low, they must compete with thousands of printers and graphic designers.

3. What the heck kind of name is “Moo?”: with a name like that, who would take them seriously? I mean, business cards are a serious topic – it’s business!

Now let’s blow these negatives right out of the water with some proven techniques of success:

1. They make an awesome product/service: it’s not just that the cards are great quality, thick stock and made well, but the process where I can for example, use 100 different photos on a 100 card order, is just awesome.

Chris' Moo Cards, case, and P2P Card

2. Their service in awesome: I ordered cards relatively easily after uploading some pics (my idea was to make “personal cards” which are not focused on my financial planning practice and feature 10 different photos of me taken from around the world). It was easy to do, and checkout was easy.

3. They exceeded expectations: The cards came EARLY – they ship out of Rhode Island, which is very close to me in Boston; however, I was going to be in San Francisco so I had them shipped here. I used the cheapest shipping option which meant an expected arrival date of November 15, but they came on November 12 and they look GREAT.

I also ordered the case for my “mini’ cards which I thought would be corny but I really am glad I did.

4. Their site usability is excellent: Just go to their site: and tell me you don’t have b-card, postcard, whatever envy just by going there!

5. They use “Go on the Offense” marketing: who wants expensive business cards in this economy? I did – first off, to get 100 different pictures on a card would be an impossible request to a local regular printer, unless you want to pay more.

Second, their site is full of card examples from other customers and quotes and all kinds of reasons to make you want these cards (of course it all comes back to product quality which is HIGH).

Third, they use affiliate marketing and peer to peer (p2p) marketing WELL: Another service I use, EventBrite offered an affiliate discount which was really just icing to the cake of my intention already to order. They also included little referral cards in my order to hand out to others with a discount on it – SMART. Now they have me asking for the order (AFTO) FOR THEM!

Here is a video explaining their process:

All around, these guys are smart, and they are cleaning up in the “boring” print industry for business cards and post cards. I plan to order more from them for myself and as cool gifts and perhaps you should too since they are currently offering 30% discounts – Click HERE. By the way, I am NOT an affiliate and get nothing to recommend these guys – I just think the product is awesome and want to share that.

Hope this helps you in your business or for a gift giving idea for Christmas or such. It would be a bit original for some people to get this as a gift instead of the standard tie. You could get a dog lover personal cards with pics of their dog on it, or you could get a couple with a new home a personal card with a pic of their new house.

The options are endless. How about grandparents getting cards with pics of all their grandkids? Remember you can do up to 100 pics in a 100 card order. What idea can you think of? Please share 🙂

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