Always “Count” Your Change

“Wow they sound fake”

~ my friend Joe commenting when I dropped these quarters on the desk


I had lunch today and the bill came to just over $10. I plunked down $15 and the server brought me back my change. When she put down the tray, I noticed the quarters make an odd sounding clang. So I looked closer:

I noticed the dates – a bit old right? And what were quarters and silver (hint) dollars made from before 1965? You curious what these are worth? This site is helpful: Coinflation

Bottom line for me – lunch cost me NEGATIVE 6 bucks:) as each quarter is worth just under $6 with today’s silver price.

The side lesson here is now you know how much prices have risen since 1965. At the time, the quarter had the purchasing power of $6 in today’s money. Inflation destroys purchasing power and makes us all poorer. Right now, in their efforts to prop up banks, the European region, and bond & stock markets, central banks worldwide are printing money, easing interest rates and buying bonds – basically cheapening the currency. Learn to protect yourself.

Interestingly, regarding the headline quote from my friend Joe – isn’t it funny when REAL money sounds “fake” to people and the quarters made from cheap metal sound “real?” Take that into considering when thinking whether or not you are being hoodwinked by government leaders bent on printing confetti money to “solve” our problems.

Bottom line question to ask – if you plan on living another 20-40 years, will your income keep up with cost increases like this (25c to $6 in 45 years)? Take appropriate actions.

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