Monday Thoughts – Make It Happen


Looking at the landscape this morning and I can come to only one conclusion – and that is, I can’t conclude anything at the moment. Looking at the world economy, sometimes is too big to even think about. We can rhetorically ask thousands of pertinent questions but the answers we get really won’t tell us anything.

It seems that we are in a state of “blah,” especially in the US – nothing really special happening from the 10,000 foot view but I’m sure on the micro view, there are still thousands of entrepreneurs who, despite the economy, despite regulations that shift more than a roller coaster ride, and despite their friends & family naysayers, they are going out and doing it. One friend that comes to mind is my good friend Davide Marini who is working on exciting science at his Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA) office. His company, firefly bioworks, is making novel inroads in cancer research and the search for healing. People like Davide (who originally came here on a visa from Italy – just an FYI: for you ‘nativists’ out there) are making it happen.

Davide Marini Outside his Office

One risk to this bright spot in the economy – perhaps in the future, with government regulating everything right down to how we brush our teeth, perhaps people like Davide will in the future, start their companies in Singapore, New Zealand, or Switzerland. ¬†For now however, tech entrepreneurs are still flocking to high tax California and financial firms still flock to high tax New York, and Medical tech people are still flocking to ‘increasingly-taxed’ Massachusetts (though in fairness, MA does a lot for new companies) – I am curious as to the regulation/tax/cost of hiring inflection point for these businesses.

Speaking of that, working overseas is increasingly appealing in my eyes and is something that every college graduate should strongly consider. Not only does it provide an opportunity to master another language, it also can give the graduate insights into other cultures and help them perhaps develop goods and services that those in other parts of the world, especially the fast growing parts, can use. This would be tremendously helpful if one’s choice is to be a valuable employee somewhere or an informed entrepreneur.

Let’s bring this back local – in your own life, if you’ve been feeling that you want to do bigger things, why not try something? There is no time like the present to begin formulating ideas, researching markets, examining options and such. Right now I have a few projects in my head – some I am already working on – some directly related to my area of expertise (personal finance) and some totally unrelated. I don’t limit myself – and neither should you. What ideas have you been working on? Feel free to share here in the comment box below – I would be inspired to hear it! Go Make it happen.