IP Address Likely Reveals “Mike” as State Employee


I  Saw this interesting link from the Pension Tsunami website:


The writer explains that some anonymous fellow named “Mike” sent a comment  on an article written by the author which mentioned a well known critic of Calpers – the main California public employee pension manager. “Mike” claimed that the critic mentioned in the article was sometimes  a “liar” about what was really going on at Calpers.

The author of the article then traced the IP address of the comment to Calpers  computers – and when questioned, Calpers management denied any of their employees sent this comment. What’s funny is that, anyone who is under age 25 reading this knows that unless you’re really sophisticated (and I am going to assume that, Mike,  is not that sophisticated, at least not with technology), you can’t fake your IP address – it’s like a fingerprint. So it’s funny to see the Calpers spokesman tell the writer that no one from their office sent a comment. Who knows the truth though right? We’ll have to wait and see if this gets investigated.

If this is true, then is another example of the kind of “transparent” leadership that represents the people in government. Hehe voters must love it though!!! –  because stuff like this happens all over the nation but we keep re-electing the same career politicians – hence no motivation to clean up and reduce government.

Chris Grande