Governor Jindal Makes A Lot of Sense on Healthcare


I want to thank Bill Fleckenstein for pointing out Gov. Bobby Jindal’s op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal on having an ‘open” and honest discussion on health reform. Read it here:

Wall Street Journal – Jindal

His points are valid, and reasonable. The fact that those trying to push health care reform through Congress in 6 weeks (as I discussed in my other recent article – can we REALLY reform 17% of our economy in 6 weeks under the leadership of THESE people?), are not putting much thought into it (if they can draft it in 6 weeks it must be a rehash of their past ridiculous ideas – I doubt they’d come up with any new ones in 6 decades never mind 6 weeks), is extremely disappointing. I’m tired of these people messing upour free country with their “government knows everything” answers to health care.

I don’t know about you, but I want to control MY OWN health care services – if I pay, I’m in control. I wrote an article sometime back on this topic – “HE WHO PAYS, CONTROLS.” If you want daddy government to pay for you, then daddy gov-mint will also tell you what to do – no thanks.  If you want to cut costs, incentivize people to be more healthy – instead of blindly paying for an endless stream of statins, gastric bypasses, stents, and coronary bypasses, give people insurance discounts for not smoking, lowering weight to fitter levels, controlling lipid levels etc.

As I asked in a past article, “How Much Can I Buy You For?,” meaning would you trade your health premiums for total control over your health care? Not me thanks. You want Chris Dodd or Barney Frank watching your back? No thanks…

Chris Grande

p.s. I go to write a quick blurb on the article by Jindal and there I go again with a rant – can’t help it these days – I feel many of my freedoms are at risk as Mark Twain warned – when Congress is in session…