How Much Can I “Buy” YOU For?

Amid all the debate over health care costs, I have come to the belief that we must first get past a certain point of understanding. Specifically, each of us must be asked “How much do you cost?”

What do I mean by that? Quite simply, some people would like the government to pay for their health insurance. Now before I go on, let’s examine how much that is. For a single 35 year old in Massachusetts, a fairly comprehensive HMO plan cost roughly $300/month (rough estimate based on quotes from Blue Cross, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, and Fallon). A family plan would cost over $1,000 per month. More likely, $1,200 per month or so.

Now that we have established I need to ask you a question. How much can I buy you for? If you are willing to sell your health care freedom to the state for $300/month, how much can I pay you to have ALL of you? If you don’t follow, let me try another way of explaining. First off, let me ask the ladies – if you went on a FIRST date, and the man is buying you everything and going way overboard to be nice, what are you thinking? Do you think that maybe this guy wants something? So you know instinctively, that whoever pays controls right? So many times on a date, you will pay for some things to keep the man from expecting too much right?

Well the state is THAT MAN. When he is paying 100% of your insurance costs, he wants something – CONTROL. Once you give Mr. State control, then he decides the quality, level, and extent of care you will receive – isn’t that true? YES it is. So if you are willing to give the state that level of control over your health care, for a measly $300 per month, how much are you willing to take for me to own ALL of you? What if I want a slave – let’s see: Your health rights are worth $300/ month, can I get some other ‘rights’ from you perhaps for the same fee? Could I pay $700/month and control your ENTIRE life?

People often complain about their “civil liberties” and how laws such as the Patriot Act created new ways to violate our privacy and rights. Although I would agree with that, I am surprised how willingly these same people are EAGER to give up their health rights for $300. When we have one provider/payer, then we will be in worse position than being an oil customer in a world where OPEC controls a large portion of supply (NOT 100%). If oil is going through the roof with multiple suppliers with control, how much of a mess will health insurance be with ONE payer (remember, essentially, the person who pays controls right?)?

Do you really think that you will control your personal health decisions in a world where the government pays? NO – the government will hire some “smart” person with an advanced degree who has all the answers to determine what care you can and can not have. If you don’t believe this, I feel sorry for you. I for one am not willing to give up my health care freedom for $300. I would work part time (and I have in the past!) to keep my health decisions under MY control, because that freedom is that important to me.  If you prefer the government to cover you, then you are getting “bought;” however, before you finish, I would like to know, just for future reference, how much for the rest of you?