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80 20 your entire life. What does that mean? It blew me away how much more of my life could benefit from the 80 20 rule. Not just financial but emotional, physical and relational too!

80 20 Your ENTIRE LIFE. My latest weekly video blog is here!

  • I cover 80 20 your entire life – Make it happen.
  • Market Update – the muted effects of the Chinese Yuan revaluation, stocks going nowhere, what to look for
  • Losing 20 lbs in 3 months and improving all my “vitals” following the longest lived people in the world

Check out the video here which features some awesome Irish fiddle music from Eilis Crean one of the few masters of the East galway Music Tradition (Links below):

Richard Koch and Perry Marshall have helped me see that we can 80/20 everything. It’s amazing – I had always just equated 80/20 to economics and finances (e.g. 80% of taxes are paid by 20% of taxpayers) and just it at that. It’s so much more – applying it to my personal life, my daily activities, and how I think and learn.

Starches Not Fat – 80 20 Your Entire Life Means How You Eat Too

I also highlight a great documentary, Forks over Knives, which features a few of the nutrition experts I have followed over the years. I was bad for a while, eating too much fat and a bit too much sugar – and I was stagnating. I got back to eating high starch meals and the fat just fell off. Here’s T Colin Campbell, author of The China Study with more:



Irish Fiddle Music

lastly, check out the great Irish fiddle music featured in my video above. Eilis Crean is one of the standard bearers for the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. There are only 6 masters in the world in this tradition. Eilis follows the 80 20 your entire life mantra:

80/20 Resource links mentioned in the video:

Living the 80/20 Way

Perry Marshall

Forks Over Knives

The Irish Gift

Interested in ways to 80/20 your life through your finances? When your money is congruent with your values, you achieve more and live life more fully. Learn more about living your values HERE.