Humans Need to Feel “Payback” But Aren’t Ready for Ramifications

Excellent op-ed piece in Bloomberg following the 9/11 anniversary:

Bloomberg – Payback Feels Right But Leads to More Terrorism

Take in the idea – with a bomb injuring 70 American Soldiers on Sunday, can we

from Bloomberg

really say 10 years of firing drone missiles into Paskistani neighborhoods missing targets, killing all kinds of innocents, supporting corrupt government figures because they side with us etc is making others more peaceful with us?

We have created new enormous tensions with Pakistan and they are getting closer to China now and we’ve pissed off numerous other smaller Asian nations (Kyrgyzstan for example). Maybe you are thinking ‘so what!” but if that’s the case, why are we even over there trying to make them “friends” with us if you don’t really care?

Don’t say “because we are safer now” – because we’re not – now we’re pissing off American Muslims for example,  and building anger in all types of people around the world. And government can do little to protect you from the kinds of ‘terrorism’ that was often the feature of the television series “24” starring Kiefer Sutherland. The kind that targets “unimportant” people in middle America.

And remember, many of the people that want to harm us hold us ALL responsible for what we do worldwide, which is why they have no problem taking down planes and killing non-military Americans.

I published a post some time ago where I discussed President Eisenhower’s (a guy who knew something about the price of war) farewell speech when he warned us about the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and its desire to keep growing and its danger to the USA. Here is a Wikipedia link to the speech:

Wikipedia – MIC


Wikipedia – Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech

And I hope there’s no surprise that this is one of my reasons for supporting the presidential candidate that I do.