Big Mac Index Update


The Economist Magazine has published its latest Big Mac Index – which shows the cost of the Big Mac in various countries across the world (120).

Big Mac Cost v USD

Basically, “The Ronald” will set you back much less in Asia than in Europe which leads the Economist to conclude among other things, that the Euro is still overvalued vis a vis the US Dollar (USD).

Professor Richard Florida, well known for his ‘Creative Class” research and 2 books about the “Rise” and Flight” of the “Creative Class,” makes some interesting observations  and statistical correlations of his own at his site – Creative Class. he tracks the cost of Big Macs vs quality of life and number of creative workers in an economy vs blue collar workers. His research is interesting – check it out.

By the way, have you traveled lately and have you bought a Big Mac? When I was in Asia I preferred the street food – equally cheap and delicious.