Entrepreneur Interview Series – Katie O’Neill Tran

In 2019 I started an occasional video interview series called “EIS” or Entrepreneur Interview Series.”

I interview mainly small business owners that are doing something interesting and who are enjoying their personally crafted lives. People truly living an 80/20 life where they can prioritize what was important to them.

My most popular interview so far has been Katie O’Neill Tran – a business lawyer in Petaluma, CA who built her own lifestyle practice so that she could prioritize her family. truly an 80/20 Pareto decision. She has crafted her life to get results without spending 80 hours per week at the office. Please enjoy this interview – and if you want more inspiration on designing your own ideal life, see my other interviews on my Youtube channel.

(And if you want financial advice geared toward helping you achieve your 80/20 life – consider me).