A quick blurb that I will probably expand upon later – Yahoo Finance has an article posted today talking about boomers skipping retirement to ‘chase their dreams.’ Basically, starting the business they always wanted to after they retire.

Yahoo Article

It bothers me that we never talk about entrepreneurs and start ups when we discuss the jobs report – it is my opinion that as more and more Americans graduate from college, there will be less interest in factory work – I don’t know about you, but NONE of my college educated friends ever mentioned that turning screws at a GM factory was their dream job – So the fact that we focus on how many ‘screw turner’ jobs we create each month (the all important manufacturing hiring data) and completely ignore how many new businesses start, or how many people file a schedule C (self employed income) or file for incorporation for the first time, really bothers me. Just a thought – by the way, if you have a business idea, start it!