Finally, News of a Smart Banker


Yes folks, it seems almost impossible, but here is an article about an actual SMART banker:


It was a pleasure to see how this fellow has acted and how he’s taking advantage of the other fools in his field to profit handsomely. As Jim Rogers always says, if you want to clean this system up, you need the incompetent” people to “fail” and have their assets taken over by the “competent people.”

The solution is so damn simple (but painful) yet we must be exposed to this circus every day on TV because the average person doesn’t understand finance and economics (nor do the politicians and regulators apparently) and doesn’t get angry when government officials don’t know what they’re doing but everyone gives it a shot anyway. What if we did this in medicine?

It’s like saying, “Hey we don’t understand surgery but let’s give it a shot anyway! Looks like fun – and if it works, I’ll be a hero, if not I’ll blame the other guy.”

Chris Grande