Punjab is Heading to Canada (and flips bird to US Congress)

Just read that Canada will create an entrepreneur visa program to immediately accept entrepreneurs offering legal residence:


Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney (photo source: Ottawa Citizen)

I found it particularly amusing that a Canadian official said the first thing he'll do is go down to Silicon Valley and “plant a Canadian flag” and poach hard-working immigrant US employees who risk deportation due to their visa status.

Since the US has been fumbling with a “start-up” visa law proposal since 2009 (congress has been focused on other things the past 3 years like gutting your Bill of Rights), we are ripe for the plucking and will lose more future US growth potential.

FYI: for more on my thoughts on immigration, see my 2008 controversial post: “Sorry Billy, Punjab's Not Trying to Steal Your Job”:

Sorry Billy, But Punjab Is Not Stealing YOUR Job