A Marin Christmas

the weather is quite mild here in Marin County, CA. Except for a few trees here that lose their leaves, everything is green. The temperature range during the day is 55-65 and the sun has been out every day since my arrival.

Though it is true that Marin County needs rain, the sun has been good for our visit. I must say that it IS still a bit different to have a Christmas where people can walk around in just a sweater; but as my love for snow, slush and frigid temperatures decreases with each passing year, I do become more and more used to the idea of Christmas with sun.

While I am here I will do my usual check ins on the farmers’ market, local vineyards, local real estate and local business. I’ll also try to pick up a few random tidbits to share. I haven’t blogged much so I apologize to my readers for that – but in this day and age where EVERYONE now has a blog, Facebook page or something like that, I’m sure you appreciate fewer but more interesting posts from me.

I’ll be back in touch soon but in the meantime, Merry Christmas!