Run 3 Miles Per Day 3 Times Per Week

What a difference this makes. And I mean running – not walking. Running in some way, significantly changes the body, even if it’s only a 3 mile run. I have seen numerous articles in support of this and I’ve seen many articles recommending walking.

I am not going to give anyone fitness advice on this blog and certainly for some people, walking is better (due to injury, weight etc). However, my energy level is much higher when I go for a regular short run than when I walk. My endurance level (which really shows up when climbing stairs) expanded very quickly after starting (after my first 3 times out).

I don’t run¬†amazingly¬†fast, just at a comfortable jog/run pace – but for now that’s all I seem to need. After a few more weeks I will pick up the pace. As I really enjoy running in the warmer weather.

Note: Are you running or planning to start? Great job getting your physical fitness plan in place. How about also working on your financial fitness? Get Started