What? Chavez’s People Don’t Appreciate His Financial “Crack?”

Sorry for the crass language folks, but I don’t feel any dignity is deserved by this guy. In his latest move, he is trying to wrest even MORE power from the people. He tried to do it the nice way in a referendum a few months back, but that didn’t pass, so like many SOCIALIST “leaders,” he is trying to take more power by force.

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With his supreme court in his back pocket, and, the army, local politicians, police, and most of the ‘approved’ press on his side, his people don’t stand much of a chance.

Let’s recap how this happened:

1. Chavez gets elected in a wave of socialist sentiment replacing yet another corrupt South American politician

2. Chavez begins taking from the private sector and doling out “financial crack” to his people. I covered this point entensively in this past “loser”article HERE.And by the way, doesn’t this sound like the “excess profits’ BS being pushed by some of the closet socialists in our country? (What makes you think the gov’t would never do that to YOUR personal ‘excess profits?).

3. People get dependent on Chavez and his popularity grows. He even provides some “crack” to people in the USA in his cheap oil program. Socialist leftist websites tell us that we can “learn a lot” from Chavez (see HERE and read the last sentence if you need a laugh).

4. Chavez, in his attempt to increase his financial crack supply, takes over more private companies and tries to buy out international firms operating in his country at discounted prices that would make Crazy Eddie blush. This particularly happens with oil assets (Exxon fights back by freezing Napoleonito’s assets in the US and Europe). In the meantime, infrastructure and equipment in his country’s oil business is decaying due to lack of investment. He puts all oil cash flow to crack programs and meanwhile, oil production falls TREMENDOUSLY due to lack of investment (he’s still in the financial enslavement stage with his people – once they’re fully financial slaves, he can stop spending on them and increase oil investment).

5. Chavez shuts down TV stations and radio stations that oppose him. He stops protests against him forcefully and tolerates no dissent. He sabotages opposing politicians and even tries to attack neighboring politicians (Colombia’s Uribe).

6. He tries unsuccessfully to get more power through a referendum and it doesn’t pass. A few months later he issues the same rule changes BY DECREE.

Folks, this is why we need term limits in the USA, and why you should consider most efforts and programs that give government more control over our lives in ANY area. Remember this catchy phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely?” Well, this is what we have in Venezuela and if we don’t exercise some control over our own “leaders,” what we could have here in future years.

Americans are too comfortable, too apathetic. And we keep listening to ‘smart” people who have programs and planning ideas to solve all of our problems. Don’t buy into their version of “financial crack.” I think Phil Gramm was right, there are too many whiny people in this country – we’re too soft, too weak. When we encounter problems, we don’t try to solve them, we look for ‘daddy” to fix it for us. It’s time we become Americans again and get to work. Vote these bums out, support term limits, and if you live in Massachusetts, have some fun and vote to abolish the income tax in November (ballot question 1)!

Whatever you do, study what happened in Venezuela and when you hear similar cries from some of our leaders, nip that in the bud and vote that closet socialist out!

Sorry if I sound strange to you, I simply admire the American spirit of history and get sick to my stomach to see Americans, who have the highest standard of living in the world, complain about life. We HAVE NOTHING to complain about here – NOTHING. If you don’t agree, try living in Venezuela.

Chris Grande

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