The Latest From Jim Grant & Marc Faber

For those of you that simply enjoy hearing from the smarter people in the financial/economic world, here are a couple of the latest articles on two of my favorite guys:

Jim Grant in the Wall Street Journal

Marc Faber on Lateline Business in Australia

Jim Grant ponders why there is no public outrage over Wall Street’s AND our politicians’ abdication of responsiblity and complete robbery of American financial stability.

Marc Faber talks about just how bad it could get in the next few years…just a hint – it could get pretty bad…

Editor’s addition (7.25.08) – do you remember my recent post regarding Marc Faber’s interview with Frank Holmes of US Global Advisors? (HERE for link to my post). He mentioned investing in farmland – check out this article from Bloomberg on the explosion in Uruguayan farmland HERE. WOW….

Also- 7.24.08 – Faber on fannie/freddie bailout  – click video on right side of page

Enjoy the education!

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