Monday Thoughts – Singapore Forbids Welfare Recipients from Gambling…


Here is an interesting clash of morals. In Singapore, welfare recipients 9along with criminals and those flagged by relatives) are forbidden to go to the Casino:

Article – Yahoo Finance

Meanwhile, money-sucking bloated American states gladly separate the poor from their money with such gimmicks as Keno in Massachusetts (so broke people don’t even have to drive to a casino to lose all their money) and the state lottery systems. But hey, it “goes back to the cities and towns” right?

Let me state for the record, that I have no problem with casinos or gambling – but when the states facilitate it and prey on poor people in the name of raising revenue, something is wrong. Most private casinos require some money to get there and for minimum bet sizes (and for hotels and food etc) whereas the cost to participate in many state lotteries is only $1, $2, or $5 dollars. Many low income people spend $200/month easily on gambling – whereas $200 per month invested over 30 years at 10% = $452,000. If these people simply invested that money instead of blowing it, and if they understood and internalized that it would be worth almost half a million to them later, they would never gamble. Perhaps this should be hammered home in schools so that fewer people end up broke and needing assistance; and if less money were needed for assistance, we could send that saved money to schools and not need to depend on lotteries to fund city budget shortfalls. Ahh if we only lived in a responsible world…

By the way, Singaporean citizens have to pay $100 (Sing) per day or $2,000/year to go to the casino according to the article – tourists go free (take foreigners money!).