It’s a Sad Day When We Lament Savings

I was struck by two pieces of news data this week – one indicating lower levels of credit card spending and another indicating higher savings by workers in the last two quarters.

To the laymen, this looks like a good thing. The average American is saving more and spending less. But in the sick and twisted world of trying to keep a consumer-based economy humming, this is seen as a BAD thing. How do I know? In addition to economists saying such things, our government “leaders” SHOW you they don’t want you to save by giving you a tax “rebate” check. Than they talk about bail outs, and more consumer stimulus. Steroids, if used carefully, could increase your muscle mass without huge ramifications, but if a 90 pound weakling takes doses meant for a bodybuilder, I’m sure that fellow will collapse – and I’m sure the American consumer will collapse too if he is encouraged to keep spending.

They (gov’t “leaders”) don’t want you to save and plan your finances wisely – they want you to spend, spend, spend – as if they are trying to suck the last bit of a thick milk shake through a straw. And they lament Americans’ increased savings which is like lamenting an alcoholic’s decision to drink less.

I beseech you – be American – save money, buy a house, pay it off, claim some real assets and take care of yourself. Government officials want you to spend to keep the economy going forward – whatever that means – but it’s not in your best interest that you spend yourself into oblivion. Don’t listen to these imbeciles. When you have the money saved, however, buy what you like. In the meantime, our economy will have to contract a bit as we spend less on credit cards and save more.

Chris Grande
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