More People Now Renting by Choice

From MultiHousing News Online:

“Chicago–According to a new survey conducted by, a notable percentage of people actively looking to lease in today’s apartment market are not hunting because they have to rent but because they want to rent. The Chicago-based national apartment Internet listing subscription service found that of the 2,700 website visitors who participated in the survey, 60 percent noted that they would rather rent than buy.”

This seems right in line with what I’m seeing, especially among younger people who are in the rental market. But certainly older people that like to move around for career and adventure (and there are a heck of a lot of these types these days:) will find renting more attractive too.

This jibes well with what Professor Richard Florida ( has said about this change in the landscape. From his website:

He is author of The Flight of the Creative Class and Cities and the Creative Class. His previous books, especially The Breakthrough Illusion and Beyond Mass Production, paved the way for his provocative looks at how creativity is revolutionizing the global economy.”

My Take:

the economy is certainly more mobile and in the fully developed world, it is beneficial to be mobile and educated in my opinion. educated, however, doesn’t just mean you have a BA and an MBA – it means a constant assault on continuous personal improvement. If you want to be a rice farmer in Thailand then by all means but if you want to play in the growing global economy, you need to be SHARP.

It also means that you might not be able to live in the same city for an extended period of time. Your skills might serve better in other cities or even other countries. If you want to realize your full potential, you might just have to let go of the idea of “settling down.”

I hope this article was helpful to your ‘creative’ thinking!

FYI – I have written about Professor Florida and his work in the past:

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