Guys Don’t Grow Up (Sorry!)

From my vantage in a 3rd floor office in Medford Square (MA), I have a pretty good view of the street below. Today it is snowing again and as usual on these days, there aren’t too many cars parked on the street and the pace of snowfall is ahead of the plow trucks trying to keep the roads clear. Though there aren’t many cars on the road, there are a few, and the few I see often paint an interesting portrait of that vile creature – The Guy.

Women often complain about the immaturity of their husbands or boyfriends – and it is true, some men are and some aren’t immature. And I got to thinking that perhaps the way people drive in a bad snowstorm could offer clues into their personalities – can we tell who’s immature by how they drive? With that in mind, here’s what I observed on the road today:

Super Mario

As I right this, a fellow in a rear-wheel drive BMW with tinted windows is trying to go up the hill – I know you think it’s dumb to drive a rear wheel sports car in the snow, but c’mon, he’s Super Mario (yes I know for my California readers, the guy in the tinted window BMW is probably Asian but here in Boston he’s from an Italian family ok?:), a real gumba who’s not gonna let a little snow keep him from seeing his girl. he’ll probably spin out a few times, maybe even crack his car a bit (highest rating class possible on Mario’s auto insurance policy) but that won’t change him – he’s in control.

Cautious Ed

The cautious experienced truck owner Ed rides gently along in his stable 1980’s era pickup truck. Why get a new one? This one works just fine. He doesn’t get too excited in this kind of weather – the kind of captain you’d like to have in stormy seas.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan aka “the cowboy”

This is my favorite guy – either a younger guy with a plow or a fellow with a cool new truck. He knows he’s the only guy on the road, no one is watching (except for this lame-a** financial advisor up in his 3rd floor window’) so he takes his big opportunity. He starts racing up the street, fish-tailing, spinning, having himself quite a ball! It seems that some guys just need that urge to let it loose!

So what’s my point?

Guys everywhere in the world need to let off steam. They have to play – that’s what guys do. It’s why millions of men in developing countries worry researchers because many of them aren’t working and need to vent their frustrations. More locally, wives and girlfriends everywhere still roll their eyes when their “mature” husbands or “boyfriends” feel the need to play. Certainly there are times when guys overdo it, but overall, if you have a “Jim Duggan” on your hands, you may have to accept it. Otherwise, get yourself a Cautious Ed!

Thanks for reading my ridiculous thoughts…

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