MEP Nigel Farage is “a little depressed” About Freedom in the World

Great interview with European Member of Parliament Nigel Farage (UK):

Nigel Farage

The European Union was never about free trade for many of the schemers, it was always about concentration of power – federalization so to speak. And the ones driving that never admitted it, til now. The headlines from the politicians (the type who eat fancy steak dinners while their people suffer) is the European free trade is great, which it is in my opinion. But really it’s agroup of people that want a united Europe – fully integrated politically and economically – whether or not it’s beneficial.

I doubt Germany, Finland and the UK would go with that. It’s odd to see that this is what France wanted years ago, to prevent German aggression. But now since there is no risk of that, what’s the motivation? Are politicians from small countries seeing the rise of Asia and South America and feeling the only way to stay significant would be to be part of a larger union, even if it really made no sense?