Medicare Chief Actuary: Health Care Bill Math = “Unrealistic”


Ahhh back in Boston but the BS continues to flow. Just read this in the WSJ:

WSJ – Foster for President

Gosh don’t you hate when one of those math geeks comes in and ruins your fantasy? I’ll let you read it but here are a few notes regarding Richard Foster’s appendix notes to the actuary report on the health care legislation:

he says, the trustee estimates “do not represent a reasonable expectation for actual program operations in either the short range . . . or the long range.”

One of the fictions Mr. Foster highlights is the 30% cut in physician payments over the next three years that Democrats have already promised to disallow. Republicans would do the same, we hasten to add.

Another chunk of ObamaCare “savings” are due to cranking down Medicare’s price controls for hospitals and other providers that Mr. Foster says are also “extremely unlikely to occur.”

Basically, the bill counts on spending cuts and such that both political parties will not support. You know what this means – more government debt, more money printing (inflation), and much higher consumer prices for everything down the road.