California Facing the Music – Finally


Finally the showdown.

This is when political gasbags can no longer kick the can down the road in California.

Regular readers will remember my article referencing the ballot bond proposals from the last election cycle and some of the ridiculous items being proposed. It has finally come to a head:

LA Times

Should California raise taxes further (remember, they hit people earning 37k with 9+% tax rates and the sales tax is ginormous – they don’t exempt food and clothing like we do in MA) or should they go ahead with drastic cuts?

Gov. Terminator has just outlined his last budget before leaving office. It drastically cuts programs for welfare to work, day care, mental health and elderly home care. Interestingly, funding for the state universities is not touched according to the Times article.

Let’s see what happens next. People should understand that California is shaping up to be our own in-house “Greece.”

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