“Government Discovers Paper Has Two Sides”


A simply awesome headline from a Wall Street Journal Article pointing out laughably how the adminstration has saved $100M which equals “.006%” of the federal deficit (not total debt) according the article (read here):

Wall Street Journal – “In a Savings Shocker, Government Discovers Paper has Two Sides”

It’s really sad how they (both parties) spent all of our current and future money – so sad, but as I said before, you wanted this, otherwise you wouldn’t have reelected the person representing you who voted to spend all this money say on programs such as the Iraq War (unless your Congressman is Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich, your rep voted for that funding). If you weren’t aware of this before, you are now – do something about it. The cost to you in inflation-related price increases and decreased future quality of life will be huge if spending is not controlled now.

Chris Grande