Rick Rule on Merging with Sprott Resources

Rick Rule was recently interviewed: King World News

To my regular readers, we have featured Rick Rule in the past (see HERE), and

Rick Rule

I was fortunate to see him both in the general session and a smaller session at the recent San Francisco Hard Assets Conference (see my previous post here). He is incredibly astute and very reasoned.

In this latest interview by Eric King of King World News (and as an aside, Eric King does awesome interviews with impressive people),

Rick Rule Captivates the Crowd

Rule talks about his firm’s buyout by Sprott Asset Management and how Sprott can use Rule’s firm, Global Resource Investments Limited (GRIL) to crack the US market for natural resource investments.

He also discusses the uranium markets, the possibility of conflict over food shortages, energy markets (especially his feelings toward natural gas), geothermal and other issues. I will reiterate my point in a previous post that Rick Rule is one of the most generous speakers with his time. Enjoy the interview here:

Rick Rule on King World News

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