It’s Illegal to Capture Rainwater Here


You let greasy politicians go as far as they can, and you will be unpleasantly surprised. When you see a dumb new rule coming into force (forcing small business owners to file 1099’s for EVERYONE they give more than $600 to for example) don’t relax because it doesn’t apply to you. File this under the ridiculous category – form Utah:

Eventually, a rule will come that does apply to you and you’ll be quite displeased. Help your neighbor defend his rights and liberty so that one day they will help you defend yours.

Do you catch rainwater to water your garden? Maybe someday some fool in a unnecessarily created government job will knock on your door and fine you for it. Don’t worry though – keep relaxing, don’t write or call your Congressman to express your thoughts as they continue to create thoughtless legislation. Just make sure you don’t miss an episode of Dancing with the Stars or whatever you watch on what my grandfather used to call “the idiot box.”