Forbes Best New Car Deals

I pass this Forbes article along as FYI for anyone considering buying a car. My personal opinion is that cars are too darn expensive. Not that I think they will get cheaper because either:

1. Global growth will pick up further exacerbating demand pressures on metals

Forbes Best New Car Deals

like aluminum, copper, steel and platinum that go into car production (never mind labor costs worlwide)


2. The economy will sputter but central banks worldwide, in their “Currency Wars,” will print money trying to debase (make cheaper) their currencies vis a vis other currencies to make their exports “cheaper.” Problem is, if everyone does that, all we will have is a global trend to cheaper currencies and much more expensive commodities.

With that said, here is the photo slideshow from Forbes:

Forbes – Best New Car Deals for January


PS – if you can, buy a reliable car and just maintain it very well. Fluid changes, tune ups, and replacing worn parts.