Jim Rogers Said IBankers Will Be Envious of farmers


Whenever Jim Rogers would rant on TV about “29 year-old Investment Bankers driving Maseratis” and commenting that farmers will be driving the Maseratis in the future as investment bankers lost their jobs, the host(s) of whatever show he was on would laugh (watch the video linked to my article HERE).

Who’s laughing now? ARTICLE

Apparently, according the the Wall Street Journal, thousands of specialized traders and financial types are having trouble finding a new job after being laid off.  One fellow featured in the above-linked article is waiting tables now at the restaurant he used to dine at.

One more thing Jimmy was right about. If you were wise, you’d use the search box and watch all the Rogers’ videos i have linked to this site and learn something.

Chris Grande

  • Boston AL

    It’s wonderfully refreshing to hear someone of Jim’s stature “saying it like it is”! No mind games. No incompetent tongue wagging. Just plain and simple truth. Good stuff!

    Thanks for sharing this. It reconfirms my belief in my the best areas to be invested and in some of my fellow men. Societies masses just don’t understand the implications of what is going on and many of those who do are too busy trying to cull favors or keep their jobs so they’ll say any BS just to get along with the leading majority.