Monday Thoughts on Tuesday Yet Again! FOIA Against the Fed


Sorry for the delay this week on Monday Thoughts. These 2 weeks (this and next) I have many client review meetings (which I do 3 times a year) so time is super limited!

I thought I would share this video that was passed on to me from Russian TV in the US on the Press’ attempts to see where the Fed bailout money went using the Freedom of Information Act. Apparently one case was thrown out.

One thing that I find interesting is – why is Russian TV reporting this but not US TV? The other thing is the growing but still lack of outrage over the Fed diluting our money and our press not requesting information on this. Thankfully, HR 1207, Audit the Fed, has good momentum. I hope it passes. I do think however that our press corps really doesn’t understand how this stuff works (nor does the average citizen). This lack of knowledge makes it easy often for these types of scams (my term) to happen.

Chris Grande

PS disregard some of the kooky comments on this video – there is a serious point but some people turn these things into too much gov’t conspiracy 🙂