Engineer Unemployment at “Modern Day Highs”


According to this Investors Business Daily Article, unemployment among engineers and computer professionals is much higher in this recession than in past recessions:

IBD- Engineer Unemployment

Here’s an excerpt:

The tech sector has held up better than most, and many economists expect it will lead the U.S. out of recession. “But this recession is hitting computer and engineering professionals worse than other professions,” Hira said. “If the consensus is that engineers and scientists are important to the economy and future growth, then we need to start paying more attention to these jobs and careers.”

This recession DEFINITELY is not like most past recessions. As is the case many times, do not make too many assumptions about the future perfectly imitating from the past. The trick is to learn from the past to formulate your critical thinking but to avoid the trap of simply copying and pasting the past to the present.

Chris Grande