Spending Up This Christmas?

Just musing on the fact that there are conflicting reports of spending on Christmas/holidays being up for the year and other reports of many people using cash only and spending less. I’m curious what you all think of this apparent disparity between these individual “austerity” surveys and actual spending.

Some of my thoughts to get the conversation going:

1. people spend cash more freely and are in fact spending more when they said they’d spend less? (I know I spend cash in pocket much more easily than I spend on my card – cash seems to disappear!)

2. People are answering survey questions based on what they’d like to do (i.e. cut spending) but when they get to the stores they’re not controlling spending

3. People prefer to spend less but costs have increased on many items?

4. Surveys on opinions are just BS overall?

5. Are you giving to charity in lieu of big “consumerist” gifts?

What do you think is happening? Are you ending up spending more or less this year?

Are you using only cash?

Making Gifts?

Are you making some gifts instead of buying gifts?

Lemme know!

For conversation starters, try these 2 links:

Average Amount Consumers Plan to Spend Each Year

A survey back in September  showing a record 43% planned to spend less this Christmas