Good Blog for the Cantankerous


I know, I know. My blog is cantankerous sometimes – so what. I also include fun facts and occasionally, some silly adventure of mine along with some decent ideas on making smart choices with your money right?

Anyway, Karl Denninger writes out of Florida and, though he is entirely fed up with government waste and lying (I point that out because the way most people vote, you would think they love waste, deceit, etc), he does good detective work and likes to point out the facts in the middle of his fury. Check out a couple of his posts:

Market Ticker – US Postal Service Pension Unserviceable

Market Ticker – AIG investment risks SCRATCHED OUT BY HAND on Government Memo

You can see the “fighting” style come right through the words. He’s definitely pissed off down there in Florida – which is something I suppose our country needs more of.

Analysis of Recent Backlash Against the President

I have been reading recently that the White House has been dismissing vociferous protests at the Health Care Town Meetings as secret ploys by Republican organizations to stop health care (oops now “health insurance”) reform. However what they don’t realize is, many people are actually really pissed off and angry at all these attempts by government to involve itself in everything from health care, to auto companies and financial companies (not too mention we’ve had more “czars” appointed in the past year than Russia had through its entire existence). Oh and the current definition of “czar” is likely “Academic Geek Friend of the President Who Can’t Find a Real Job.”

With that said, it’s not Republican orgs who are responsible for all this activism – it’s more grassroots orgs like Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty who are doing the “Tea Parties,” writing campaigns and leading the debate on talk radio. If you really listen to the Republican members of Congress, many of them are just as clueless as to where this is all coming from and they are scrambling to get their surfboard on this wave for their benefit – but they didn’t start this. Most of these activists are just as angry at Republicans in Congress as they are the Dems because of such actions as the bailouts (AIG, Citigroup, Bank of America, Government Sachs, GM, Chrysler, etc.), money printing by the Fed, the EXPLOSION of the federal deficit (folks if we couldn’t balance the budget in the boom it won’t happen in the bust), and government intrusion into Constitutional Rights and freedoms (have you heard that the new National ID Card is back in the mix? Opposition to this is creating some strange bedfellows).

MEMO to incumbent politicians – get a clue:)  -many people don’t like what you’re doing and many of those people are new to activism. Perhaps we will see a major Congressional figure – among others – go down next year? (Investment guru& libertarian Peter Schiff has already raised $800,000 for the Connecticut Republican Primary) And that will wake the floating deadwood – i.e. Congress – up? or will the start of football season be enough to make people forget all of this?

Anyway, Enjoy!

Chris Grande