Stress Test Your Retirement & Why You Need to Do This

This summer I began a vigorous research project of stress testing client retirement portfolios.

I am not too worried. But I was particularly concerned about how much damage a bear market at the start of a client’s retirement could do.

In this video I discuss what happens to a seemingly well-funded retirement portfolio when someone retires during a bear market.

I also discuss alternate approaches. Which I will cover in a near future video. Using RIIA-endorsed strategies of:

  • taking a Household Balance Sheet view,
  • proper Retirement Allocations planning and
  • building a solid floor

All  of these will be covered in more depth in my (likely) next video).

For more info on RIIA and our approach: – main site

The Value of an RMA – value of a Retirement Management Analyst and RMA approach

Thanks for watching.

Remember to 80/20 Your Money (and your entire life)!