Check Your Cell Phone Provider for Discounts!


Many people don’t know that they might qualify for a discount on their cell phone bill. Not knowing is costing you 10-15% on your monthly bill. And with today’s more costly data plans attached, this is serious annual savings.

For example, in the state of Massachusetts, employees of the state (there are THOUSANDS of them) get 15% off AT&T service* just by being an employee  (I did not check but I’ll be the other companies match it). Many state employees might have seen an in-house email on this but thought it was for new customers only.  However, if you are with AT&T you  can call them or walk into a store and have the discount applied – that’s $15/mo or $180/year in savings!

Apparently California has the same deal. I was out doing research on the Palm Pre and T-Mobile’s Google phone offerings. I learned from the T-Mobile rep that California state employees get 13% off their bills. My friend was with me, he works for University of California, and asked about the state discount at my urging. When the rep saw his business card he said “oh you get 15%, not 13%” (I guess the university employees are loved 2% more than your standard California employee).

The list of available discounts extends to many companies, affinity groups, and other organizations. Ask your phone rep if any apply to you and to get the updated scoop. It might save you some decent money.

Chris Grande

*The AT&T discount I discovered some months back so check to see what their up to date discounts offer