Grayson to Americans – “You Now Own the Red Roof Inn” – Video


On Mother’s Day, what better gift for moms across America than for Uncle Ben Bernanke to offer a gift to all moms – share ownership of Red Roof Inn! Rep. Alan Grayson explains in the video below.

You didn’t know that we (as in the US government through the Federal Reserve) bought this? Well now you do. And if you supported the ability of the General Accounting Office to audit the federal Reserve, you would find this out. But since it is currently NOT ALLOWED for the Fed to be audited they can do all kinds of things in secret. If you don’t like your government operating in secret, then support Audit the Fed. Here Congressman Grayson explains how you got on the hook for Red Roof Inn:

One point to note – grayson is speaking as part of the “progressive hour” and if you watch the very end, the Congressman who yielded the time says to Grayson, that the charts he uses were not part of the progressive hour and he “though we were going to talk about financial reform.” Duh? What does he think auditing the federal reserve is? If this guy doesn’t understand that the Fed ENABLES rampant speculation, and caused the housing bubble, and allowed financial firms to act irresponsibly with no oversight (we don’t need new regulations, we need competent regulators – didn’t Harry Marcopoulos, the Madoff whistleblower say that too?????), then this guy should resign from Congress – what a fool. Watch: